In La Pine, Oregon, a pizza parlor owner is able to get back to the job he loves thanks to Dr. Belza.

After 3 failed surgeries, a loving grandmother finds success with Dr. Belza.

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After years of terrible pain in my shoulder, arm and hand, and several shoulder surgeries, I had no relief. I consulted with Dr. Belza and he recommended posterior cervical fusion with DTRAX wedges. First a single level and turned out I did need 2 levels. I am now 4 weeks post op on level c5-6 and am pain free! I can not begin to tell everyone what a life-changing operation this was! I forgot how good it feels to be pain free! So very grateful I found Dr. Belza and his wonderful team! I was treated with the utmost care and kindness at every step. Thank you, Thank You! Sincerely, Mary McDaniel

I met Dr. Belza over a year ago. I have struggled with back pain as long as I can remember.

Dr. Belza is the most caring doctor that I have ever encountered. I didn’t think that Dr.’s like this still existed. The amount of compassion that came from both Dr. Belza and his nurse Ruth, helped me more than they will ever know.

Dr. Belza never sugar coated anything, he told me exactly what to expect. He is honest and very real. I would never see another doctor in this field.

I finally feel a stability in my low back that I can never remember feeling before.

I want to say thank you again to Dr. Belza. He is truly a wonderful man.

I just wanted to tell everyone that the whole experience getting my back repaired has been everything I thought it would be and I am happy with the out come and the process.

Thank you

I am a senior with chronic pain in my back like so many others. I lost the ability to do things I’ve always enjoyed. Even simple things like housework, walking, sitting, using the stairs, and getting out of bed became a challenge. The pain in my lower back and legs and has made me afraid of crossing the street because of the fear of falling. The quality of my life was deteriorating. When I saw Dr. Belza I found out I had a choice to live with the pain, have three separate surgeries on my spine, or have a Nerve Pain Stimulator. One of the best choices I have ever made was to choose the Nerve Pain Stimulator. The stimulator has given me back my life. The freedom from severe chronic pain is a precious gift that Dr. Belza gave me.

Thank you so much Dr. Belza and Staff!

So I met my new Angel, Dr. Belza, in Costco. I was not loving Costco that day, but we were down to perhaps chewing on tree bark and digging out some white snow. After months and months of a severe neck pain, even the Costco samples weren’t motivating me. I don’t like to whine, but constant pain was knocking the spirituality out of me. Worse than the pain was the frustration of poor medical care: delays, mistakes, cancelations, referrals never made, and no communications.

Anyway, I am in Costco with a cart of a few heavy things. You know how someone usually helps empties the groceries onto the conveyer? Well, it was very busy, and no help. So I was eyeing what I would try to pick up first.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a very tall man come up behind me. He asked, “Can I help you?” I have no pride left, so I didn’t hesitate to say, “YES! Because my neck HURTS, and I need all the help I can get.” He asked me why I didn’t get it fixed. So I went into a tiny rant about how I had been trying for months.. And then he said, “Come to see me and I will fix it.” My eyes popped open, I know. Then he said, “Yes, I am a brain surgeon. Come and see me, and I will help you.”

He asked everybody around us for paper and pen, wrote down his name and number, said to call him in the morning and he would get me right in. I looked up at him and asked, “Do you have your wings under your jacket because your are an angel?” He just laughed. I walked off in utter shock. If that isn’t the Lord, I don’t know what is! My heart just lights up every time I think about how that worked out. Thank You, Heavenly Father.

Bottom line: I called, got right in, he scheduled an advanced imaging and I am on my way to feeling better. The staff in his office is wonderful. I haven’t been in a doctor’s office for a very long time where everyone is caring and encouraging. Dr. Belza treats me as if I am a real person and not just a number on the appointment page. Words seem very thin to express my gratitude to Dr. Belza, my Costco Angel.

-Joyce Bolisky

I am currently under Dr. Belza’s care. Years ago he surgically repaired a ruptured cervical disc, from which I fully recovered. I highly recommend Dr. Belza, for your brain and spine concerns. He and his staff are thorough, efficient and patient while examining, diagnosing and treating my complaints of pain / immobility. Thank you, Dr. Belza and team!!

Thank you,
Barbara Grall

Dr. Belza performed a L3/L4 disk replacement fusion operation on me in the middle of December 2015, and my lower back pain has substantially been reduced. As healing continues it will only get better. It is so nice not having to take pain medication every day.

I want to thank Dr. Belza and all of his staff for a job well done.

Mike Bower

Dear Dr. Belza. I have nothing but the highest praise for you. After a C1 & C2 fusion you gave me back the pain free life I had known. You listened so very carefully to my complaints never making me feel hurried. Following a very thorough examination, you told me what my options were. We are so fortunate to have you here in Bend & I am forever grateful to you.
Thank you,
Bev Tout

Doctor Mark,
Legs are so vital to us humans. Thank you, from my heart, for keeping me mobile so I can hike, ski, and dance.

Dr. Belza,
Thanks to you and your staff for prompt assessment and treatment. It was so great to wake up from surgery nearly symptom free. I am now 99% recovered and thanking the Lord for leading me to your team.
God Bless you all,
Marlene Deyon

Dr. Belza,
A note to thank you for the care you’ve given to our son, Corey Delmaar-Mines. Thanks to your care he was able to start at his football game Friday night – and won! Go Storm! Thank you again for expediting everything so quickly and your wonderful care.
Best Regards,
Dain & Gail Delmaar-Mines

Dear Dr. Belza,
A note of sincere thanks for your great care during my neck surgery and your concern afterwards. I think you are a wonderful doctor and very nice person. Best wishes to you and your family. Thanks Again!
Don Knowles

Dr. Belza,
For over 5 years I was suffering progressively more severe neck pain. You did a FULL workup on my case: MRI, PET, X-Ray. Over the years, I tried every treatment modality with no relief. You recommended Surgery. You asked if my pain was reduced by 50% after surgery, would that be worth the risk? You under promised and over delivered! My life has changed dramatically. My pain level is now low; and you eliminated 80 to 90% of it. I am very, very grateful and appreciative of your expertise.
Best regards,
Jim Houts

Dr. Belza,
Life without pain, or very little of it, is a life worth living. Before I came to you and your associate, Christopher Wright, I wasn’t living I was just existing in a lot of pain. I had headaches, numbness in my shoulders and down my arms. After it was decided that surgery would be necessary I counted the days until that would happen. Before I even made it to my hospital room after surgery I could tell that the pain was nearly gone. Thank you, Dr. Belza and your staff for giving me my life back. God bless you.

Thank You,
Doris McLean

Our story is two fold. 10 years ago, while in the process of building our dream home, my husband David took a “swan dive” from two stories up breaking his back and injuring himself severely. Had the break been just a few more centimeters he very likely would not have walked again. Thanks to Dr. Belza and his incredible talent, not only does David walk but he does everything he did before and has NEVER experienced a moment of discomfort or problems with his back. We believe that thanks to Dr. Belza and our Lord and savior !David is a walking, talking miracle. Now it’s my turn. After 3 unsuccessful back surgeries and so many procedures I can’t count, I have suffered from severe back pain requiring chronic pain management. With my pain gradually worsening, and after much thought and prayer, We have decided to seek Dr. Belzas help in the hope he may be able to help me. This has been a very difficult decision because of my past failures and fear of doctors.When I’ve sought help from others I feel like many of them have looked upon me as a “pill seeker”, Let me make it perfectly clear, I’m NOT! Dr. Belza was so caring and compassionate with David, my husband has finally talked me into seeing him and trying one last time. Thank you Dr. Belza for the care you gave my husband and for agreeing to see me. I pray Gods blessings on you.

Thank you,
Vicki and David Ring

Dr. Belza ,
When I walked into your office, I already had complete confidence in your expert level of capabilities—your reputation precedes you. You not only did an excellent job on my neck surgery in the early 2000’s, but cured me of lower back pain this year. I can’t even tell that I have two rods and six screws in my back. I thank you and your team so much for my new life without pain.

Kelly Johnston


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